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Seagull Forty Plus

Conveniently packaged, simple to identify, low priced spares combined with ease of fitting is one of the reasons for the Seagulls legendary long life. The manufacturers reserve the right to alter prices and specifications without prior notice.

General characteristics Single cylinder 3 port 2 stroke water cooled
Bore and stroke 1.77"x1.57"/45x40mm
Cubic capacity 3.91cu ins/64cc
Propeller thrust (bollard pull) 55lbs/25kg (equiv. 3hp models)
Reduction gear ratio 2.5 to 1 FN gears
Propeller 3 blade anti-weed 8"/203mm dia.
Ignition Breakerless capacitor discharge fully sealed and waterproof
Cooling Watercooled by centrifugal propeller
Exhaust Water cooled underwater
Transom Bracket Detachable clamp-on type
Standard tank capacity 0.75 gals/3.5L
Remote tank fitting kit -
Average fuel consumption 50% to 75% throttle 1.70 pints/0.96L per hour
Maximum freeboard (top of stern to waterline) Standard 15"/381mm - Long 20"/508mm
Overall Length Standard 39"/990mm - Long 45.5"/1143mm
Overall Breadth 12"/305mm
Overall Depth 15.5"/380mm
Dry Weight (inc. bracket) 37lbs/17kg

Environntental Note - All British Seagull engines (past and present) will run on unleaded petrol.